Form Entries appear on the bottom of the spreadsheet

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Hello, All form entries appear at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

This isn’t a bug, it’s how Google Sheets works and it’s documented in our documentation.

What @david is saying is correct. Anytime you submit a form using the Form functionality in Glide, and also in Google Sheets, the information you capture in each of the fields is appended to the end of the spreadsheet.

If you are looking for a way to edit data already in your spreadsheet through Glide, you can use the Add/Edit screens for each of your tabs instead.

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If you are using arrayformulas, be sure to delete any empty rows. Any rows that have any formulas in them will be considered filled rows and new data will be written on the first available empty row.

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one fix i use is deleting all empty rows so a new row only appears when there is a new form entry or us the following to run the formula the length of the sheet

=arrayformula(if(len(A2:a)=0,", then insert your formula here))

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