Issue With Google Sheets

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I created an application with glide and did some testing yesterday and it worked well. Today, when I fill out my form via the application, the data is not synchronized on google sheets. I see them on the data menu of the application but not on Google Sheets

Anyone can help me please ?

Scroll down.

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Oh !
Is there a solution to display the data at the top of the table?
should i delete blank lines?

Thanks !

There are several threads about this if you do a search. If you use arrayformulas for example, then every row is considered filled and new data from Glide will be appended to the end of the sheet on a new row. Glide will now write new row data to a row that’s already considered filled. All you have to do is delete all of the empty rows. New rows will be added as needed and arrayformulas will automatically carry down to the new row.

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Thaks a lot. It’s ok now !

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