One of my Google Sheets tabs not synchronicing

I have a Google sheet tab Artists and other called Events and this is happening from this morning:

When I add new Artists and a new Events all new data are saved correctly on the Glide Data Viewer. Artist data synchronize perfectly on the Google Data Sheet but new
Events data seems doesn’t synchronize at all.

All of new data appears perfectly in the app. It’s curious because in Glide I can see also the columns from arrays in google sheet for that new ones not visible on Google Sheet. Very odd.

And still more strange. If I make changes in previous Google sheet events they synchronize with Glide data. It’s like those new rows in Events are there but not visible.

I’m not getting any error on the Glide editor about synchronize and I have reloaded sheet several times…

What could be happening?

Scroll down.

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Oh my god they appear after row number 995!!! :crazy_face:

Should I delete the rows in between?

Thanks @david

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Ok I see. Thanks for your fast answer @david Odd behavior anyway, isn’t it? Fixed!!

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It’s normal behavior if you are using arrayformulas. That entire column is filled with a formula even though it may appear empty. This forces Google to create a brand new row at the bottom of the sheet because it’s looking for the first “empty” row to write data.

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Interesting… thanks for you explanation!

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