URGENT: Actions no longer working as of 11:30 AM CST

I’ve submitted a support ticket. Has anyone else actions failed to execute? I was just informed that all actions in my virtual line queue app have failed since ~ 11:30AM.

Not that is any help, but I just triggered actions on an existing glide app and it works as expected (I’m located in the uk)

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United states, pacific time. All’s good for me. What actions are you trying to trigger?

Never mind!

My actions are acting very oddly. They are not responding to conditions correctly.

Example: When logged in user email is empty, then ‘sign in’

Instead, it’s doing a different action!! This seems very odd

Update: It seems to be working correctly again. Not sure what happened there.

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I have the same issue!

Internally on the user device, the action (Set Column) seems working fine but if I verify the operation on Glide Editor or another phone, I have different values:

In my case, the Set Columns action is not updating data to my GS