I need help: a custom action is not working correctly

Hi, I need your help to understand why a custom action doesn’t work properly.
The function is this:

  • Step1 I change the user variable to 1, to see if he pressed the button
  • Step2 I send a webhook to zapier which creates an email with the data I need
  • Step3 I display a notification that the order has been sent successfully
  • Step4 I change the user variable to 0
  • Step5 I add the row with the order in the google Sheet
  • Step6 I navigate to a new tab

My problem is that sometimes, so not always, with some users the action does not reach step 4, I see this because there are users who have the variable that remains at 1 and because in the order confirmation google sheet I do not have theirs. order even if I have the email (step2)

Last night a user performed step 2 for 16 consecutive times and never reached step 4.

This is the action

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Do you have a public app?

yes, this is the app https://civico121.it
do not complete the order otherwise it will arrive at the restaurant :slight_smile:

Webhooks won’t work in a public app when the user hasn’t signed in, as far as I aware.

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Thank you,
The users must be logged in for place the order

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If you can, open the developer console in your desktop and try pressing the order button to see if it stucks at the webhook part.

Out of curiosity, why is Glide disabling this functionality?

I don’t think so!

I used a public APP to test a Webhook and fire a Rest API call and everything worked perfect!

Saludos Thinh

Hola Fabio,

Your Set Column action is using a user specific column (step 4)?

I don’t know if there is a bug but testing days ago, I had problems to write data to a user specific Column dynamically when I created a Set Column action.


@gvalero I think @ThinhDinh was referring to this from David. Maybe it’s not the case anymore???

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Yeah I was referring to that, and I’m sure that was true back then because I was not able to do it in one of my public apps just before David confirmed it.

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What a curious case @Jeff_Hager and @ThinhDinh

I carried out my tests almost 7-9 days ago and I had no problem to fire my scenario.

Let me try again my IGM scenario to verify all this.

See you

Holy Sheet!! :upside_down_face:

I forgot I have reached my actions limit using another scenario to work with MS SQL Server those days.


Hi Yes, but step 1 is also user specific.
Step 1 works perfectly :frowning:

the problem is that on some users it works fine.
Look, these are today’s orders

Ok, I see

2 final questions:

  1. Who changes the user variable to 0: You or Integromat?
  2. Do you have a confirmation value (flag) from Integromat to be sure that your scenario was successful? Or you assume always that your Integromat action was executed fine and you reset your value in GS no mater what happend?


I change the variable to 0: is step 4
I don’t have a confirmation value because up until 20 days ago I had no problems
I have the email that arrives with the order number which confirms that the scenario on zapier has been successful

Wait,wait… you use Zapier and not integromat!! What a chaos… sorry for my confusion :upside_down_face:

ok… did that problematic user receive 16 times the confirmation email? If so, your Zap is fine and the problem is Glide or the data sent from your APP?

Have you checked carefull that data in order to recreate manually the case in Glide?.

Yes, i use Zapier :slight_smile:
Yes, The problem is that the restaurant has received the same order 16 times
Unfortunately I can’t create the problem and understand why it only happened to some users
This is the zapier log

Ok I found the bug.
The bug is that “set Column” cannot be used twice in a row with relation.
Can you try if you also have this problem?

Schermata 2021-02-08 alle 15.17.07


@Fabio_Leanzi what do you mean with “…used twice in a row with relation”?

A screenshot will help.