Data in Glide data editor vs layout

Hello Gliders, I’m confused as to what could be the reason the same row is shown differently in the layout from the data editor. I’m viewing it as the same user and would expect that this excludes access right issues.

Data editor:


Are they emojis?
It could be that your browser doesn’t support that one that is missing.

Thanks, I just tested by changing the emoji to a plain “A” character, but it’s also not shown in the layout.

I suppose it’s caused by a row ownership issue and that the data editor doesn’t gray out particular relationships, but only indicates that the user can access the row - not the computational columns based on its relations.

Yes, that makes sense. The way that Row Owners is applied in the Data Editor can be a bit flakey at times. Especially if you’re rapidly switching users.


Yeah, the data editor will show all rows regardless if they are owned or not, unlike the front end or the published app, which will only load the owned rows. This causes weird things such as relations, rollup, etc. to still load that unowned data in the data editor, but in reality, the app still works as expected. It’s just something to be aware of.