Data on Data Tab not Showing on Layout Tab

Data is showing on the data page, but will not appear on the layout page even though filters are set up correctly. I’ve tried using an Excel connection, then moved the file over to Google Sheets, and still the same issue. I’ve even tried copying a new table and the data, but the same issue still persists.

I’ve made sure filtering is not turned on… Anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

You have Row Owners applied to your name column. Remove that and it will work as expected.

@Darren_Murphy Wow! So many hours spent trying to figure it out and it was so simple. Thank so much!

I’m having a similar problem: the content of my users’ profile page is isn’t visible even though all the fields are set up correctly and there are corresponding data in the database. I’ve got the user’s email address set as the row owner, which I am reluctant to remove due to data security, but I wonder that is limiting visbility.

In this screenshot, I am signed into Glide using the same email address as the user who I am viewing as.

If you are using row owners, you shouldn’t need to pull values directly from the user profile. You should be able to use the user table instead. However, I don’t think that should make a difference.

Are you previewing the app as Anyone, or as a specific user? When looking at the user table in the data editor, are all rows grayed out except your user row?

I wasn’t sure whether to pull the values in from the user profile or directly from the table, does it make a difference?

I’m previewing the app as a specific user, one which I thought was “myself” as it’s using the same email address as what I sign into Glide. However in the data table all rows are greyed out, including the one which has my email address.

Are you sure that you have Row Owners configured correctly? May also be worth refreshing the browser screen for something to try.

I think you might have solved it: the email address column was formatted as text instead of email address. Thank you!

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