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When I go to view profiles, I only see my profile and not all of them, how do I change it?

Do you have Row Owners enabled in your profiles table?

In the email

That would be it then. You can not view rows of data if you are not the owner of that data…meaning the email you used to sign in to the app, can only view rows of data that have that same email (if row owners is enabled for that table). If you are not the owner of the data, then you cannot view it in the app.

If you do not have a need for Row Owners, and the data in the profile table does not need to be private and secure, then I would remove row owners from the table. Row Owners is meant to secure a user’s data. It does that by only sending the rows that a user owns to their device. If they don’t own the data, then it’s not sent to their device. This is for security and privacy.

And if I need it for other screen but not for that screen?

You have to decide what’s more important. Securing a user’s data, or making it visible to all users.

Maybe the question should be why are you using Row Owners in the first place? Is it because there is data that must be kept private and secure? Or are you using it in place of a filter?

If some of the profile data needs to be kept private, and some of the profile data needs to be exposed to all users, then maybe you could consider two separate tables to hold user data. One table that has row owners applied and one table that does not.

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The thing I want its that the user have an page for only their own profile, and other for searc users but I dont know how to do it

Again, why have you chosen to use row owners in the first place? Are you using row owners to keep data secure and private, or are you only using it in place of a filter to filter the screen to only the signed in user? Is there any data in the profile table that absolutely cannot be viewed or accessed by another user?

I understand what you want, but I also need to know specifically why you set it up the way you have so far. How you answer all of these questions can make a large difference in how you are advised to set up your app so it works how you want.


I set the row owner to filter in one of the screens all the profiles except the one that is using it. And no, everyone can access the data

Ok, in that case, I would remove Row Owners from the email column in your table and just set a filter on the profile screen itself, like this:


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Thanks you!!!

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One last question: Why when I try to set a condition, the web won’t let me? only this comes out:

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omg thanks :slight_smile:

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