Admin Panel / Edit other user row data

I’m developing an app where the information revolves around the user. Like a directory a user can buy services and each service has its items. This part has been solved, however now I’m struggling on how to create a way that an admin can edit the data related to each user.

To make the screens personal to each user, I had to assign the user column as the owner of those screens. Because of this, now I can’t find a way to have the admin user to change the data of all others. Do you think there’s a way of doing that without having to built another app using the same data sheet?

You can add another column to your User Profiles table, make that column a Row Owner, and populate it with the email address of your admin user.

If you have a Private Pro app, you could also take advantage of the Roles feature to achieve this.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy ! I’ll try that!

My doubt is if by doing so, the other screens that should be user specific and not related to admin will be affected

You can avoid that with tab/component visibility settings. Let’s say the two columns in your User Profiles table are:

  • User Email
  • Admin Email

For any component where you want to filter to just the logged in user, you can use the visibility setting “where User->User Email is signed-in user”


Based on what you described earlier, you should have both email columns as Row Owners.
In your first screen shot, I only see one of them as a Row Owner.
And in your second screen shot, neither is a Row Owner.

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OH! Great! I missed that… Thanks a lot :slight_smile: