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Hey guys. Just working on displaying user’s profile in my app. I have created a tab users with name, e-mail, role picture, etc. An idea is I, as a admin, can see a hidden tab in the app showing all users. At the same time, I would like to have a User Profile tab (visible only to the user). My point is that if I make E-mail column in the User list owned by user, I can see User Profile tab correctly (showing just the particular user’s profile), but I, as an admin, can’t see list of all users, as only my own profile is displayed. I resolved this issue using filter in app, but I’m concerned it is not safe way of doing it since personal data of users are just filtered out and hidden. I could possibly create another table say Users Profiles and make e-mail column owned by user, but I don’t want double things and use more rows than necessary. Your thoughts? Thank you. Luboš

If you have an admin boolean column, or a type column with the value “Admin”, you can set up a new tab with the visibility condition being Admin boolean is true (or Type is Admin).

Then show the list of all users like you want.

You can just keep the other Profile tab filtered to the signed-in user and displaying them to all users since it’s only their info.

However, it sounds like you’re using row owners in your app? Please let us know if this is the case so I can recommend another way of doing it.

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Great insights! Thank you. In fact, I have a Role column in Users table with a value Admin. So yes, currently I am using filtering to display signed-in user’s profile data while admin can see profiles of all users. But I gather this is not a secure way of displaying personal details (that’s what the Glide manual on visibility and row owners say). Therefore I was trying to play with row owner, however was unable to get the functionality I need— Once I set user’s email address the row owner, I couldn’t see all users profiles when signed in as admin, I could see only admin‘s profile.

Now, a different question. Is there a way of setting “no capital first letter” in Text Entry field? User enters a word in the text entry field which is consequently compared with the word in the Wordlist table. Then, there is a condition column if-then-else comparing these two words. When typing in the text entry field the text always starts with the first capital letter. I know it’s probably in the phones setting, but I was wondering if there is a way of going around and restricting the entry text field text to only small type and no first letter capitalization.
Thank you for your help.

Not directly, but you could use a “yes code” column to convert any entered text to lower case.

Probably this one: td-yes-code-convert-case - Replit

See also: Glide Docs


How many admins do you have? If it’s only you, then you could add a column with your email to everyone’s profile and set as a secondary row owner.

I assume you are not on a private pro plan, which would allow the user of roles as row owners?


Jeff, this is a great insight! Thank you, secondary row owner will work for me as I’m the only admin. I will give it a shot.

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This is probably too difficult for me at this stage. but thank you anyway, I do appreciate.

Just adding into this, when I have mutliple owners without knowing in advance how many owners there can be I have to derive a way to join and split them into a dynamic array at the end of the Sheet. A bit clunky, but it works.

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