Data Entry always goes to first data row?

Hi I have a user profiles tab with the columns
name, email, avatar
If have set the My Profile tab to edit for signed in user
but irrespective of which user i edit the data as
The data is entered into row 2 of the AuthUsers
I am using email whitelist

I am obviously missing something but can’t tell what it is ?

Have you added Row ID column to users?


Yes, I have RowID column

Probably you are not filtering the tab as email = signed-in user.

Check the “Features” of the tab, filter it as I said and it should work.


In that case @ThinhDinh ‘s suggestion should work for you.

I have email = signed in user set on My Profile Tab visibility,
sorry it’s not working I must be missing something
It is not a visibility issue but one that the wrong record is being updated

Can you show us some screenshots or a video of the problem? Thank you.

Here is a quick video showing the problem

Filter that by the “normal” email one, not the user > email. Please try that and tell me if it works.

Is that filter applied on the TAB or the Components ?

On the tab. Go to the “features” part of the tab settings and filter that by what I said.

There is only ONE email option in there ?

Can you show the choices you have for the filter?

its across 3 screen shots

Are these the choices you have when you click in the “User” dropdown. I mean you don’t have to go into that dropdown, choose the normal email option outside that.

Yes these are the choices I get from my AuthUsers sheet-tab which is being used for user profiles

Firstly make sure your tab is pointed to the right “AuthUsers” sheet. I think you have that already right?

Then do as below. Choose the filter using the normal email column.


I have been through this again and the email still has the user icon with it even though there is only one email column
Could this be related to me deleting the ROWID column ?

Any chance you’re setting a tab visibility instead of going to the layout’s features? If you can shoot a video or provide some more screenshots it would help.