Previous user information stays in myprofile edit option and replaces user in first row?- Solved by @Jeff_Hager

So a new user signs up, it does the following things:
1.Replaces the first user in the spreadsheet
2. When the user reaches “My profile” section and wants to add additional information, the fields are already populated with previous user information.
3. In the “allow users to edit” option, it is not allowing to set username to “Specific User> Username”
4. If I try to “add row” action in “allow users to edit” in “my profile” page, a whole new world of crazy opened up

Please help

Here are screenshots

How is the profile info being added in the first place?

What security is there/do you want on the data?

Is the profile tab also the one you use for user profiles (via the profile screen)?

Do you have a filter on your screen to link to the correct row? Row Owners will do this too, but in a more secure way.

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-Profiles are created through onboarding screen. and the filter is set to “email is signed in user”

  • Since this is just a blog site and not asking any sensitive info, I haven’t created any row owners or user-specific columns (not sure if I should and where)

  • For “my profile” and “all users” , I am using same “users” sheet

Like what would that filter be?. I just have “email is user signed in” on onbarrding tab
and no other filter

Is the filter on the tab or is it in the Features section of the Details screen?

details tab, features section

Does every one of your onboarding screens have that same filter? Just wondering if you have it in one place, but not another.

There is only one onboarding screen?

Do you mean set same filter on “my profile” details features section? I just did and it seems to have resolved the problem? Is it the right way?

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Yes, any screen that needs to attach to a certain row will need a filter. Otherwise it defaults to the first row in the sheet. The exception is when viewing the details from a list, which already knows which row to show.

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ooh. I new I was missing something. You are great @Jeff_Hager. Thanks again

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