Has anything changed with "Signed in user" option?

Has anything changed with the concept of selecting the email option of “signed-in user”. Not sure why but I no longer find that option when I select the email in the visibility filter or anywhere.

I am trying to give the option to edit / delete profile on my and somehow all the edit screens when viewing in the specific profiles are pointing to only one specific row. To enable edit of a form ( profile ) I have chosen the visibility condition as

Email | is | User>Email

Where did the “Signed-in User” option vanish?


Oops looks like the Email Column had got changed to “TEXT” instead of “EMAIL” - Have no clue why or how. I can see the option now. But my edit scenario is still failing.


So the email column should be the “Row Owner” in my case - is this right?


Shiv - I can’t be sure of it, but this happened to me as well this morning and started over the last few days. I had to change it to Email and make sure that the field was tagged as Row Owner in order for it to work with my App as I had expected. After a few changes, everything was back to working as I expected.

You can change it back to email type and it should work instantly.

So apparently that was the issue, the Email column in every single sheet in my app was updated to text than email type field. Woke up and saw it with a fresh set of eyes and updated everything back to email. Now everything is back to normal.

But why did this even happen? Bug? Def, i didn’t change any of these not even a single one since day 1 and every field getting updated looks like some issue for sure.

Just (slightly) worried, what if this happens again in the future when more folks are using it.


Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ve rolled out a fix to the type inference engine.


Oh this happened with my image columns, they changed over to text.