No Longer Able to Use Signed In User

I have a Pro App that’s been in use for almost a month. This week as I was trying to tweak some additional features that should only be available to the signed in user, I found that I’m not able to select that option anymore. I’ve found some posts that suggest that I need to go to the column and be sure it’s noted as an email field, but seemingly because I have the fields named Email 1 and Email 2 they merge into one field and I’m not able to edit field type.

Here’s a video of what’s happening. Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!

You can see in the video that it’s set as Is/Isn’t Signed in User but if I go to change the settings, that option isn’t available anymore. I have to click away without saving in order for it to retain my existing functionality (which it does) and I cannot create any new visibility limitations based on Is/Isn’t Signed In User.

Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you!

Try renaming the columns in your Sheet so that it “breaks” the array. Once that happens, change the column type in Glide from Text to Email. If you need to put the two columns back into an array afterwards, rename them in your Sheet again.

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Thank you very much. That worked for me to change the email names to User Email and Admin Email. I was worried that it would break the use of those fields in terms of the webhooks and connectivity I had for those fields but it seems that it is working just fine. Smart system!

Any idea what would have caused the change from previously being recognized as an Email to next being recognized as Text?

Thank you again!

No idea! Maybe the cells were cleared out and reverted to text (default setting for a new/empty column). I always go through and set my “Glide formatting” to each column type at the start of an app to be sure Glide sees columns properly.

The same thing had happened to me ( my app ) also over the last few days, all the email fields were updated to text fields and few things had got messed up. Just changed it back to the email and now everything is back to normal.

Maybe the dev team needs to keep an eye on this if something they are doing in backend is causing such a large scale update of field types - cc @Jason / @Mark


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