Classic App Suddenly Nobody Can Sign In

I’ve had a Glide pro app for two years now and haven’t made any major updates to it recently. Randomly this morning, I have had a handful of customers reach out that they can’t sign in. I checked and sure enough, it will not allow any users to sign in. Could this have something to do with the new updates or server issues or what do I need to do to fix this?

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What are your Apps privacy settings?
Can you provide a screen shot?

Also, what error message (if any) do you see when you attempt to sign in?

Here’s a screenshot. It’s just a black page and not allowing anyone to click the sign in, just frozen like this. The app is set to public with visibility setting for everything other than the sign in page…

Here is a screenshot of what the app should look like. It still shows this way in the editor but not in the actual web app.

mmm, I see.
I’m not exactly sure what would cause that.

I did try opening your App in a browser and inspected the dev tools console output when it loads. One thing that caught my eye is a number of errors related to missing tables/columns:

CleanShot 2023-03-29 at 00.13.05

May or may not be related, but is it possible that any tables and/or columns have been deleted that could explain this behaviour? I guess that would only make sense if you are using an external data source (such as Google Sheets) and the tables/columns had been deleted from there and not yet synced with the builder.

Can you show me how the components on that home screen are configured? It looks like you have an image and a button, plus some custom CSS? Are there any component or tab visibility conditions in play?

Hi Darren, thank you for pointing that out, I should probably clean that up. However, through testing, I think I have narrowed down to the problem but still not sure the fix. I am using the visibility option to show an “about us” page when Profile>Email is empty. This page has a button to the sign in page and then the rest of my app has visibility settings to show when email is not empty. This has worked for the last year+ but now it is definitely the point of error because if i take off the visibility restriction, it will load the “about us” page properly.

Why would this page not be showing to anyone who has not yet signed in if the visibility is set to show for all people who’s email is empty?


Having this exact issue. Have been using Profile>Email is empty for a while with no issues on pages. Submitted a ticket.


Please keep me updated on the ticket. Needing a fast solution as this is live with more and more customers seeing the issue every hour. My short term fix is to simply bypass the About Us page but it makes for a very poor user experience without it

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Glide change User sheet and add row owner to email column, check if this is the issue… I just reviewed my Apps and removed them; now it works well.
Also, you might want to use a template column to copy the User email and do visibility against that column, not a designated one.
They are really making it hard to like Glide.

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Why would they do that? I’m so confused.
I don’t think I can just remove row owner without breaking almost every part of the app

They do things like that to force users to switch plans…
If you need a row owner, then use a single value or template column to copy values that are use in tabs visiblity in the user’s sheet

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Have the same issue also on pages. Any update on your support ticket? My support links seem to be outdated…

Thank you for reporting this issue. We are currently investigating and should have an answer for you soon.

This issue should be mitigated. Thanks for your patience!


Thank you!