Users cannot access app

My app’s URL:

My users cannot sign on to my pro app. I also cannot sign on to my pro app from my phone. I can access it through the platform, but I cannot access it as a user.

Please advise.


The link isn’t working. What privacy setting are you using for your app? Public with Email, or Private with Email?

Privacy is Limit access by email

URL is

Is there any chance that you are not pointing to the correct sheet with the emails? If you are, is there a chance that you currently have Row Owners enabled on that sheet? I’m not sure how Glide works with a private sign in when the associated sheet has row owners enabled.

I’m not familiar with row owners. How would I check for that?

I am also having trouble confirming my user sheet. It was working and then it wasn’t.

Okay. I’m dumb.

SETTINGS, PRIVACY, I had the wrong sheet selected.

All is well.

Thanks for your time, Jeff–Dave