Glide critical sign bug - heeeelp

So, I have a huge problem with GLIDE SIGN Screen, and I Gonna Explain what’s happening.


User go to my app website and then choose to login with google or email.
I Have Starter Plan!
My app is public with sign required!


Glide returns a message to user “This app has reached its monthly private users limit please upgrade for more”

After that user cannot login, can someone explain to me what’s wrong?

My configs:

Privacy> Public app> required sign-in> Users> anyone
Sign & Authentication > Allow Users Sign With Google and Email with Magic Link, PIN.


Sometimes user sign-in with google, glide starts loading and show login screen again to user.
Somehow Glide its counting PUBLIC USER SIGN IN as A PRIVATE USER SIGN IN!!!
I Don’t use roles!
I can’t contact Glide Support!


Can your show a screenshot of your usage limits for your team folder?

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So both of those apps in the team folder are set as public apps?

In the user profile configuration for both app, the Role setting is empty?

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The second App Isn’t published

I excluded the second app “Studio Raquel Maia”.

And can you confirm this?

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Can you provide a screen shot of your Privacy Settings please?

Have you changed the Privacy settings at any point since your App was published?

Also, your User Profiles->Image column is a Text type column. It should be an Image type. I don’t think that would have anything to do with your current issue, but you should fix it.


Help me!

I don’t know what to tell you. If you are not utilizing Roles, do not have your app set to private, are not whitelisting your users in any way, and never have done any of that in the past month, then I’m not sure what else I can suggest other than to contact Glide Support at the link below.


Thanks man, i appreciate it

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