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I am trying to create something similar to the Employee Directory template. THe “Me” tab I have configured the same but when clicking it, it defaults to the first record in the spreadsheet and not “me” – I have it set to public with email per the docs, but nothing is working as expected.

Please help? I even tried to go through the docs on a new app but the “sign in” button is not enabled for me as I’m always signed in so I don’t get the User Profile screen select option. I have one sheet that is my data (which is user profile data++)

Sounds like you just need to filter “where email is signed-in user”

If you make the email column in your User Profiles sheet the Row Owner (recommended), then that will be taken care of for you (and is more secure).

When I mark the Row Owner, then the list of all employees only shows me (current logged in user). The Employee Directory sample does NOT have a filter set up so I’m curious how it is doing it!

Did you have a read of how Row Owners works?
The documentation explains it much better than I could.

If this is an employee directory that should be visible to all, then Row Owners probably isn’t appropriate.

So going back to your original problem where you need the “Me” tab (which I assume is another name for My Profile), then what you need to do is apply a visibility filter on the tab components to only show those rows “where email address is signed-in user”

You could make two sheets; one with row owners and one without. The one without would use arrayformula.

The documentation beats all :pensive:

As long as there is no personal information contained in the sheet for each employee and all the information can be made public, then the easiest solution is to add a filter by signed in user to filter that details view to the correct row.

If you start to have data that can’t be made public, (even though you may not be displaying it in the app, doesn’t mean it’s secure from prying eyes), then you should consider the security of row owners and some of the suggestions above to split data into public and non-public versions.

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