In-app filter showing non-signed in user data

I have some tabs setup with the visible data only showing data created by the signed in user only, with tab filters also set to only show signed in user data.
This all works fine however if I add a ‘In-app filter’ and use it, the filter displays all records and not just the ones for the signed-in user.

I have currently turned off all of the ‘in-app filters’ to avoid any issues.

My app’s URL:

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I can confirm this. Depending on your app, you can set Row Owner on an email column in the data viewer. This works like the filter by signed in user, but is much more secure as the data for the signed in user is only viewable and accessible by that user, not matter how filters are set up against that sheet anywhere in the app.

Hi Jeff, you are right but in my case I get the admin email via lookup which there is no feature for making the lookup field as a row owner

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