Filter by signed-in user

Hey Gliders!

We just rolled out a change to how you configure filtering data by the signed-in user (aka Per user data). Previously we had a dedicated checkbox to do that:

2020-01-16 11.46.16

Now it’s integrated into the filter UI:

As a bonus you can now also show only the rows that do not match the signed-in user. As another bonus, you can also use the email filter in component visibility conditions.

We’ve also recently changed where you can set the email address to use to preview the app in the builder. It’s now in the “Preview as” button on the left panel:

2020-01-16 11.51.06

Let us know what you think!



This is great, thanks. The previous version keeps working?

This is fantastic. I already have a use case for the ‘isn’t signed-in user’.

I also foresee a lot of potential with using it in the visibility condition. People can add a relation on their sheets to an Admin sheet, use a lookup to get a list of admin emails, then set visibility to only show the components if the signed in user is in the list of admin emails.

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Your existing filters are converted to the new configuration.

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Yes, you can do that. A Single Value would probably be easier than a Lookup, though.

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Ahh, great point. Does a single value allow for an array of values, in the case of multiple administrators?

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Yes, Single Value should work on all column types.

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Glide features = Getting better all the time.


From what I can see, single value only pulls the column value from the first row. It also won’t pull from an array column. No big deal though, because relation and lookup would still work.

I’ll look into it.

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This is great. Just need a public app now with sign in option. This signed In user will have been set up as admin (By app owner) so they can view, edit, delete their own entries (yeah we are never happy :smiley:

Thank you very much… I just finding this

A video or an app help to view your vision on this new feature.

This is not a new feature. It was released almost 2 years ago :wink: