"Signed-in user" visibility filter not working

Hi all, as you can see in the gif below, Filter works fine when set to Admin is signed in user.
I changed the preview as to confirm it. But when I tried adding the same condition to Visibility it’s not working? Can someone please explain what I’m doing wrong. Thank you~

Could you share your app and tell me exactly how to get to that screen, please?

You are attempting this on an add screen. I’m guessing it has something to do with trying to set visibility from a value in a row that doesn’t exist yet. You haven’t added anything yet, so the admin relation is empty. The filter works because you are filtering the data from the sheet that’s filling the choice component.

Hi Mark, here’s the link: publiclink.glideapp.io

That page is the: Sales Record (first tab) > Add (top right)

All of the tabs in my app is protected with admin emails except for the Sales Record; I have added a test@gmail.com admin. Please do inform me if you need any other information. Thank you~

Hi Jeff, I suspected that too at first, but then Filter works. As far as my limited knowledge goes, both are supposed to be referring an empty Admin column?

Or most probably I’m wrong. Can you please explain what this means, I don’t quite understand:

Thank you~

Where is the data coming from that you are using to build your choice component? I’m assuming you have an admin column in that sheet. That is what you are actually filtering. You are not filtering by the admin in the sheet you are trying to add a record too. You are filtering your choice sheet.

The visibility however, is being set by the admin column in the record you are adding…but you haven’t added the record yet, so there is no value in the admin column.

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Exactly what @Jeff_Hager said.

If you want to bring in an admin column that works right away, you can do that via a Single Value column.

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Hi guys, sorry I’ve been really busy lately.

Thanks a lot @Jeff_Hager for clarifying! Now I understand how it works :smile:

And thank you too @Mark for the suggestion! I tried that and now it works as intended! :grin:

One last question, now I have multiple Single Value column, is there any way to combine them into an Array Column?

Thank you~

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Nevermind guys! I got it working already! :smile:

Thanks again for everyone’s help. Really appreciate it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ll post this anyway. If you have multiple admins, I would take a different approach. Check out my post here.

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Thanks Jeff! It helped! :star_struck:

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