How to apply "signed in user"filter except admin user


In my app, as a admin I can approve or reject client request. I want to filter so that user can see only own post/submission not others but admin user can see all post. When I apply filter ‘signed in user’ then i am also treated as user not admin, I am using single app for submission and approval. Here i have customized edit option to approve/reject any submission.

Add a column = role which can be either Admin or User.
Add if condition (show component if User’s role is Admin or Record owner is sign-in user.

Refer to this good video by Glide

For additional security you could also use row owner on the email column in your users table and make this column an array column containing both the user’s email and an admin email.

Finally, depending on whether you need Pro app or not, you could of course use two apps, which can sometimes have advantages in terms of simplicity and, again, data security.

I’ve gone through everything properly but this is not what i am looking for, i want that when admin log in he can see all submission but user only can see his own submission;

I have to make some assumptions here as can’t see your App:

Assuming under sheet=users , there is a column called “Role” - and for each user row, this column is Admin or empty (empty means not-admin)

Assuming also you have a column in the sheet capturing submission info to store posted_by_user, hence ownership -
In your form, the User’s email form this special form value will go to this “posted_by_user” column.


Now, under the inline list of all submitted records, going to visibility set two OR conditions

Condition 1: when posted_by_user = Sign-in User
Condition 2: User_Role=Admin


You helped to fix it almost, but I like to share something about my app.

In my app, there are two sheets one is user and other is user submission. As u suggested, it works for both admin and other user. But I need to know that when admin user can see all submitted data via inline list not directly from submission sheet where only signed in user can see not other. Is it possible to see all data from submission sheet as admin.

I thank you for your valuable suggestion.

Not sure I catch what you mean in the last 2 sentences. How is it different from your first requirement, can you show some screenshots of what you want to achieve?

Here is my problem details: I have two sheet called Employee list and leave application. As admin I can edit data posted by other user and view them from User tab with help of inline list. That,s enough for now but how i can apply filter on second tab(leave application) so that admin can see all record from second tab but other users only their own.

First Pic:As admin I can see all data for respective user from ‘Employee list’ tab whereas user can see own data not others. (Working properly)

Second Pic Here all records are seen but I like to apply filter so that admin can see all but others user only own data.

How are you structuring the Leave Application sheet, I assume you only have the email of the employee who applied for leave?

Right u are.
Here are more pics for Leave Application sheet.

You can filter the screen by email is signed in user or user’s role is Admin.

Another way is using an array column of 2 emails, assuming you only have 1 admin, populating email 1 as the employee email, email 2 as the admin email.