Filter or show content

Hello, very good to all, I need help in glide about something that I saw in a glide app, I want the content that appears to be shown to its respective name as I show in the image all appear to me even if it is not the name corresponding, that is, for example “Space” requests a problem and only the ones that he requests and not all of them will screw up.


How can I add the Row Owners, is that what I do is this> the “Add Request” button takes you to a form and when that form is sent, the answers are left as seen in the photo but I want the user to I fill out the information in the form, only your requests appear and not that of others, it would be very helpful if you could help me

Are you writing the email address of the user to the sheet when you submit the form?

No, the form does not have the email, I would like to send you more photo but you will not let me

You will need an email column because there needs to be a way to know who submitted the form. Once you have the column added, then you can have the form automatically populate it using the Email Special Value column.

Once you have emails in all of your rows, then you have two options.
One is to apply Row Owners, which is more secure and will automatically filter the data so each user only sees their own rows.

The second, less secure, option is to apply a filter to your list and set it to filter by ‘signed in user’.

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