Information only for people with email end in

I want the information to be visible only to people who have their email address finished in, for example: in options-> add condition-> includes:

In app design it does seem possible but in practice the app does not allow this possibility.

How can I implement it?


If you upgrade to a Private Pro app, I believe you can set a domain as your access limitation so that only email addresses that use a specific domain can sign in to the app.

Thanks for your help

The app that I have developed is not paid, but using Glide’s free service and in practice it does not allow to hide the information from certain email addresses.

I think this is a glide software fail, since by design, with the screen simulator, it does allow this option.

This way of hiding information is the one that best suits my needs.

Thanks in advance

You can set a filter to hide data, which is not truly secure as anybody can sign in and snoop the data. To properly secure data, you would need to use row owners or a private pro plan.

Can explain what you mean when you say it works in the builder, but it’s not outside of it? There shouldn’t be a difference. How exactly are you currently trying to hide information?

I agree with @Jeff_Hager — row owners and/or a Private Pro plan are your most secure ways to secure your data.

If you’re just using filters and visibility conditions, you can still hide information from certain users, but this is only “on the surface” and the data can still be found in the back-end data of the app. If you’re okay with this and want to continue with this method, you could add a visibility condition where the User Profile — Email includes

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You could add a visibility condition where the User Profile — Email includes"

This only Works on design screen (simulator), but not on the Phone.

Again, can you go into further detail on this and what exactly is not working? Preferably with screenshots or a video. What values are you comparing for your conditions? Since you are using the free version of glide, all emails are automatically anonymized. That may be the issue you are running into, but it’s hard to say without understanding your app and how you have the conditions set up.


Yeah I think you nailed the point with anonymization there. You can’t theoretically check if the email includes if what you can see is not the real email.

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I would explore more this, because i really don’t understand the differences with row owner or without it when you are using the GS.
Glide table are secured into the Glide environment, but what about Google sheet?
In this case the gs are secured by Google, them the row owner i think it’s not so influent on the data security.
If someone can access the gs then he can access all data, or he can’t access those at all, then the row owner is useless.
I would like to have also the @Jeff_Hager opinion on this.

Btw, the subject from @callahan_70 is different, he is in need to use the Glide pro feature to solve his problem, nothing to see with the security

I haven’t checked again recently, but in the past if you don’t secure the data by row owners then if you can access an app, you can find that data using a specific way in the browser. Anyone can do that. Hence if you need people to only see data that they should see, row owners is the way, not filters.

Thanks for your answer,
I did the same but didn’t find the way of course I’m not an hacker :sunglasses:
please check it again since it is an important matter.
Actually this would be anyway not good, since there are some data that cannot be under row owner (i mean some statics data for example) that should not be available to all (maybe are used for crosscheck or similar).

Sent you a private message.

Yeah, like @ThinhDinh mentioned…it’s takes me about a minute to sign into an app, download the data, decode it, and view it all in a nice format. This is regardless if it’s in a glide table or a google sheet.

If all data needs to be secured and accessible to only a select number of people, then that’s where a Private Pro plan is necessary. If the sign in method used is Public or Public with Email, on the free plan or the Pro plan, then any data that is not protected by row owners has already been downloaded to a user’s device once they sign in. The exception is when you use Row Owners. With Row Owners, the tables that have row owners applied will only download the user’s owned rows to their device. Data owned by other users will not be downloaded. In that case I would not be able to view any other user’s data that is protected by row owners.

It also should be noted that conditions or filtering are not secure methods of protecting data. All of those conditions and filters are ran on the user’s device, so for it to work, data has to be downloaded to a user’s device.

I strongly encourage reading and understanding proper data security in the Security Center Documents.


I understand that the best solution to protect is row owners, but how can it be implemented if all the app information should only be visible to a certain group of users with the email terminated on

I want it to be this way because with a free plan, anyone with the app link would be able to view the app information, and that’s not the goal.

A free plan is a must-have.

Thanks for all your help

To do what you want and to do it securely, a free plan will not suffice. You’re looking for a feature that is only available on a paid plan.


Thanks for your help.