App only allow known users to log in

I have set my app to use “Public with email”.
I can’t figure out how can I restrict this app that only people on my “Users” tab may log in, so the unknown users which is not recorded on my “Users” tab will not be able to get in.

Thanks in advance


You want to use the “Limit access by email” to do what you’re asking. This is a pro feature.

You can limit visibility of components in your app to certain users, but anyone can still login to the app (when using Public with Email). Even when using visibility to hide components to certain users, all data can still be accessed in the backend if you’re not using Row Owners, Limiting Access by Email, or Protected Columns.

Actually, I believe there is a workaround to this on the free version.
Make your users worksheet/glide table have a number column. Name it ‘verified user’. Number all the users who you want logging in ‘1’. Then, restrict all tabs in your app to users with ‘1’ in the number column. Then, you can make a tab for all users that have ‘verified user’ empty, saying that your email address needs to be whitelisted.

I hope this helps. I can attach a Glideapp if you still need help.

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Hi Pablo, can you please attached it :slight_smile:

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Doing that now. I think I actually discovered an error, so I’m currently exploring…
Edit: It’s more complicated than I thought. It includes a Google Sheet formula. I’m working on it now :slight_smile:

This works, but the underlying data can still be accessed by others, even if tabs, etc are hidden from view. It all depends how private you want/need the app’s content to be.


True, filtering isn’t the safest thing

Ok, I found an easier way of doing it.
Here’s the link.

Also, I’m a big idiot :crazy_face: and built this in staging. Sorry :man_shrugging:

Thank you for all your help!