Authorize public app logins to authorized emails


I’m creating an app using public sign up with email. I want to block app login for anyone outside a whitelist. Is there a way I could do it? Or Can I limit the visibility to a certain email logins? Or block email ids if they are unauthorized?


At the moment I don’t think there’s a hybric between a “public” option and a “whitelist” offered by Glide. If your app utilizes the whitelist option provided by Glide, users have to login first, so that defeats the public purpose.

However, you can set it up so that your whitelist has a checkbox, for example, so when they login they can see certain content, and those who don’t have that checkbox checked won’t see those types of content.

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Hi @mathew1812, you say the sign-in method of your app is “Public with email”. And at the same time you want to block all users that are not on a whitelist. Have you tried using the sign-in method “Private, limit access by email”?

I am building a church directory app. Some people have the concern that if anyone can get unauthorized access to the contacts in the app. So I am looking for some security measures. They want to still experiment the app before they go for the paid version with private option.

You might want to be careful about using visibility features to hide personal identifiable information (names, contact information, etc.): the information might be hidden (visually), but it will still be downloaded/loaded into the app.

Have you checked out the Security Center?

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Thank you! Looks like multiple row owner can potentially solve my problem.

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