Login without email

How login without email? My trouble is users can login without email

At the moment you can only login with emails. What trouble are your users having with logging in by emails?

They does not have any company mail. They are workers not staff in my company. My company not permit.

So you are using a private app that only permits access to your organization’s emails? I assume you can go the whitelist way and add their personal emails to the list. Would that work?

Yes. Only company mails. So i think there would have any other posibility such a paswword and username.

No, Glide does not offer password & username as of now. Only email authentication (Google or PINs). I still think you should be able to have a whitelist setup.

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I found this link https://youtu.be/oBPBo4zEEGs

Very interesting.

This method is not encouraged. You would be storing an unencrypted password from the user and that data is exposed to anyone who gets access to the app (as it’s public). If that password is the same as a bank account password for example, you’ll be in big trouble.


Agreed. Trying to create your own sign in method that doesn’t use Glide’s sign in methods is very insecure. Many of us would be able to find every user’s email and password within 2 minutes and if someone is dishonest they would be able to find any many other other accounts on the web that use that same password. This would make you responsible for any problems your user’s have due to leaked data. Glide’s email and pin method along with proper use of Row Owners is very secure and all authentication is handled by Glide.

I recommend reading this to understand how security works.