How to setup users in a self-standing App (the Agent app)

Hi! Here is a challenge:

  • for my spit test app, I have a separate system for ‘Agents’ - call center workers
  • these agents will be setup by an admin, then log in when they start working, clock in to be available, do their stuff, log out, and then count their hours so they can get paid

Problem: what license for this Glide app (I have bought Private Pro… but the Roles do NOT work the way I was hoping!)… but worse is… how do people log in!!

I was hoping I could create ‘fake’ emails that would get the user in, then I would authenticate via a passcode (self-built). BUT even with an email set up for the user… Glide nicely wants to send them a Pin. Argh!

I am looking for ideas on how to fix this use case. I do not need email accounts for all these people as they are only working inside this system, and have no need for a company email address. But if I had to have it, is there an easy system that can connect to Glide / G Sheets so I can auto-create emails from the Glide system (an Admin creating a new user account) so that there is at least an inbox to receive the pin.

Or any other solution! Ideally, it would be like a username and password which is NOT tied to an email.

Thanks in advance for suggestions! M

Is there a reason you don’t want to let them in with their own email accounts and just go from there? You don’t need a company email, and you don’t want to go the password way as well since that’s not ideal data privacy-wise.

I believe I’m familiar with your use case😉
Allowed email list is definitely the correct solution here … trust me on that.
There is barely a person on the planet with access to the internet that doesn’t have an email address.

Update: @Mark_Turrell - I was in a hurry when I posted this reply earlier. Here’s a bit more…

Roles really have nothing to do with the sign in process. Roles just help control what users can see and do after they’ve signed in. From what I know of your app, if you end up combining the Agent app and the Admin app (which I think makes sense), then Roles can be used to differentiate between Admin users and Agent users.

There is no need for fake email accounts. In fact, I would advise against that. And you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be trying to roll your own authentication system. That’s a huge no no. Use their real email addresses. It doesn’t matter if they are personal or company email addresses. You just need to get the Privacy settings right. You have Private Pro, which is the best choice for this app - here is how you should configure the privacy settings:

In your case, the Sheet will be your CollectUser sheet. It could be a separate sheet, but that isn’t really necessary.

And so to add new users, all you need to do is add their email address (and optionally their name) to that sheet, and give them the link to the app. The first time they attempt to sign in they’ll be challenged, and they’ll have the option of using Gmail to login (if their email address is a Google one) or they can use the PIN based login. The app will then keep them signed in until such time as they deliberately log out.

To remove users, it’s simply a matter of removing their row in your CollectUser sheet.


Thanks - this clears up some of my confusion.

In this case I have two sets of users in the app overall - the end user side has CollectUsers, and the agent side has Agents. So I have configured User Profiles as Agents in the Agent / Admin app.

I accept the need for the email collection so I will not use fake emails!

And I will do more work on separating out data to make sure the right people see the right things.



ah yes, I forgot about that.
So yes, in this case both apps can share the same User Profiles sheet.
But the allowed emails sheet for the private app will need to be a separate sheet.

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