Admin vs user

Hi Glide geniuses

Can you please help me, How do I create admin users for different companies and also allow random users to be able to log into the app and take part?

Here’s how I do it:

Setup the roles feature.
Filter tabs/components by logged in user role is admin.

Does that help?

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Or do it the old fashioned way. Add a tab on your users sheet that says Admin and then base visibility or actions based on users Role. E.g. allow users to edit if users Role is Admin. More of a traditional way and also helps if you wanna keep your app public, as the method that @Pablo_books says is only for private apps, unless of course you have a private app, then all I said is not necessary, and you can follow the other path :laughing::laughing:



If it’s a public app, create a floating button with an action so when it’s pressed it opens the sign in to app function :arrow_down:

Random users can then contribute to your app.


Failing can I share my app with you and you could maybe help me if you can?

Sure, no problem. You can send me a DM if you want.

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LMAO, you know exactly how to get an immediate response? Use a term like “Glide Geniuses”,“Glide Gurus”, “Glide Masters”, “Spreadsheet God”, “Script Commander”, etc.
Use a term that boosts an ego and watch who comes runnin’ :star_struck: