Customer portal : Public or Private app/users?

Hello Gliders,

I am facing a use case that could be implemented in different ways with Glide, but I’m seeking your advise and expertise to get closer to the right one :muscle:

The requirement is pretty simple, it’s a customer portal where users from different client companies (sometimes multiple users for the same company) will be able to read, create and update data. The only data that should be accessible to them are the one related to their company.
So all users from Client A will only see data A, all users from client B will only see data B.
The main goal is to improve the communication and project tracking for the customers.

My first thought was to create a private app where users will be created by an admin and associated to a specific client company.
In order to restrict data access per company, I was thinking of using the role feature, but by inputing a company name instead of a real role (Manager, Admin, etc.). This way I would be able to restrict rows based on the user role (which would actually be his company name). Have you ever tried this ?

The app might need more than 100 users, which in my case would be private users. And, I find the Glide pricing a bit expensive for more than 100 private users.

So my question is, what do you think about the way I would implement the solution ?
Do you think there would be a secured way to do the same but using public users only ? And hence reducing the pricing…
Finally do you think Glide would be the best fit for my need, or maybe I should have a look on alternatives such as Stacker ?

FYI I have already been working with Glides for a few customers but I don’t really know that much about Stacker except their pricing :slight_smile:

Any help would be much appreciated !

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Yes, that would work. I use this setup for one of my recent apps.

And yes, this is also true.

Might be some sort of roles array in Google Sheets, but I doubt you want to go that way with that many users.


Thanks for your feedbacks @ThinhDinh !

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