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Can anyone help to clarify what a ‘private user’ is?

I just got into Glide while checking out a ‘Customer Portal’ template, but I’m now worried that this platform won’t work for me as the ‘private user’ limit on business is set at 100.

What is going to constitute a ‘private user’? Is that just any email in my user list?

For example if a user has ‘orders’ that are related specifically to that user is that a private user?

I saw in the settings that by changing ‘roles’ it suggests the private user limit gets increased. If I don’t use roles are they ‘not considered private’? Or is any ‘logged’ in user considered private?

Was considering purchasing and spending more time developing with Glide, but I need to make a ‘customer portal’ with tens of thousands of users.

Glide is a really fast and nice solution but I’m afraid to waste more time on it if I can’t work with the limits.

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at the below, then let me know if you have follow up questions.


Thanks Darren. Much appreciated. I’ll review the roles doc to see if it’s necessary.

As I understand it, as long as I do not sign-in a user and do not use roles and allow anyone to sign-in then that user will be public?

Are there some data security implications of doing it that way?

For example, without a user being private, can I allow a user to sign-in and then display user specific data to that user (if it exists) based on some logic?

In other words, without relying on roles:
Can I display foo to users who are signed up (and aren’t found in some existing user list) and bar to a particular user with some particular data for that user?


In general, you only need roles if you want/need to group users together for the purpose of data access. For example, when you have “Admin” users who should have access to all data.

The two key points are whether or not you restrict who can sign in, and whether or not you assign roles to users that do sign in.

  • If you assign a role to a signed in user, that user is private
  • If you restrict who can sign in, all signed in users are private

Not really. You can still use Row Owners to restrict which data is downloaded to each users device.




Thanks Darren, that helps. Will have a read on Row Owners. Much appreciated.

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