Private User Count for prototyping and deploying


The app I made is planned to be released, and I just subbed to the lowest tiered plan.
I plan to have only 10 private users I manage, but I need clarification to what really counts as a private user, and when does it tick.

  1. If I create dummy accounts in the user table, to test the app functionality with dummy emails and all, will that be counted as a private user as well? It is just tested on the portal itself and not on phones with “view as”.

  2. If anyone else other than the users in the user table I created attempts to use the app, will Glide register that as a private user? If so, how do I prevent this instance from happening? What is the proper way to limit the users to just my intended 10 users?

I think that is my worry for now, before actually distributing this to the 9 users (I should be included as a private user, right?).

Thanks in advance!

The act of creating a user in the user table will not trigger the private user count. They also have to sign in and fall into the private user category based on @Darren_Murphy’s flowchart.

User counts reset every month and count again as users sign in during your billing period.

If your app is set to private then other users cannot sign in besides those you have approved. If you allow anyone to signed in, but you utilize Role functionality, then only those users with an assigned role will be considered private…and again, only if they sign in.

Yes, if you want to use your own app


That helped! Thanks, Jeff!

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