I need login feature

I very like the ways to dev mobile application from Glide. But I prefer Appsheet that it has login features.
Could you please develop this function for many developers? I think many developers require this from Glide.

Glide already has this.

Do you want something different?
If yes, please explain.

I meant no need to login by using email. Just user & password sir.

I feel like a trend in programming is to slowly move away from passwords and instead encourage API-based logins with Google/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Apple/SSO.

For instance, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to create a username.

That being said, it would be interesting to know and possibly take into account different login behaviors from around the world: some Glide builders are asking for phone numbers, others username+password, etc.

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Anything except email. Maybe phone number is ok.

Indeed. I’m generally suspicious of any website/application that asks me to set a username and password.

I find it difficult to imagine that Glide would ever consider username/password authentication. I’d say it’s probably more likely that they might provide additional SSO options such as some of those that you mentioned.

Email based authentication also fits well with their primary target market. “Apps for Work/Business” - it would be pretty rare to find a business that doesn’t provide their employees with email addresses, methinks.

@paiboolk - what is your objection to email based authentication?

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I got your point. But my app is restaurant. So, user is annonymous not just someone in organization. And I am trying to dev application for riders which most of them don’t have email except phone number or just create new user. Some users are low level of technology so even email authen is very basic for us. But not for them.