Take a look at this!

I made a small login page and I wanted to ask if I can integrate it with my Glide App?
Link - https://express-login-system.kingbob2.repl.co/

Probably via a webview component

Isn’t that only for premium users?

Is there a reason you don’t want to use the native Glide login?

I want a actual password so users feel safe!

I don’t think there’s a good way you can bypass the Glide login without making your app public and expose your data. Still, even with a public app, users can login, so it might make your app confusing.

I would stick with what Glide provides, email authentication either via Google or PINs are good.


What makes you think that will make users feel safe?
SSO is ubiquitous these days - when I sign up for a cloud based service I’ve come to expect that I can just sign up and authenticate with my Google (or whatever) account.
It’s convenient, and I know it’s probably secure, as OAuth2 is an industry standard.
If a website or service asks me to set a separate password, I’m immediately suspicious and am more likely to just not bother. I have no idea if the password I provide will be securely handled and stored, and generally I’d prefer not to take the risk. At the very least, it tells me that the developers have been lazy in not supporting any form of SSO.