Pages - Login with email and password?

Hi all! I’ve been a longtime Glide user, but I’ve hit a wall because I need to build a way to login without the email and pin system.

I saw this picture on the Glide Pages ad site. Is this something that I can do with Glide Pages now? I just want to allow users to login with email and password, and then have access to their information throughout the app.

I’ve started to migrate over to other platforms (Adalo, Bubble), largely because of this issue. But if I can fix this problem with Pages, I’d way rather stick with Glide!


Can you give us the URL to this? I haven’t seen any mentions about authenticating with password recently.

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Ah yes… Might be something’s about to be released? I don’t know, since I don’t work for Glide, wait for news then…

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Could you possibly clarify, @david ?

Yes, we want to offer it and other options beyond PIN login. It’s one of my high priority items for Q1.


That’s very exciting news, and would be a game changer for me. Are there any workarounds that I could implement in the meantime? Possibly using a different service for the authentication and then passing along some sort of token?

Just wanted to say that I’m a big fan of Glide and this plus Airtable integration are huge advantages that would allow me to stay with Glide instead of needing to switch to another platform


Can you provide any more specifics on that timeline? Also, any timeline info for adding Airtable?

Hi David,

Did you have any advance with this?

Any update on this feature. Please let us know

Hi, any news?

That would be a great feature If we can use passwords in the news glide apps.

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