Email whitelist option

I would like to know about the Email whitelist option. Will the user whose email is in the whitelist have to log in with a pin sent to the email. Or, is it that they can login directly by typing in the email address?

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they will log in with their email like pubic with email. difference is if their email is not on the list they cant sign into the app

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Hi, Where do I find the email whitelist options?


It’s “limit access by email”.

Ohh I see. Thanks! I am building a free version app for a church community. Is there a way to control the access in the public version?

You can control what is accessible in the app with filtering and visibility, but it’s not necessarily secure. Also, it will not stop outside users from being able to sign into the app.

Hi, my name is Daniel.

I am new to glide and I would like to commend you guys for great work you have put into this. It really means a lot to most of us.

From what I understood about whitelist and before I go pro, whitelist can be used to limit people’s access by email. Now, I have two questions:

  1. Will I be able to create and assign email myself or will there be a customized email from Glide that would be used in assigning emails to users?

  2. I want users to be able to update their details once they log in with the whitelist. Will they be able to update their usernames, avatar and other details?

Thank you.

You can assign emails to the whitelist yourself and they can update whatever info you give them permission to after logging in.

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Many thanks!

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Hi! I wonder if this option has been removed in 2021.

I’d like to have a whitelist option but I can’t see it.

Your app must be on a Private plan to use Private sign-in options.

Oh I see! Thanks for the prompt response David :slightly_smiling_face:

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