Email whitelist v/s Public with email

I am having a hard time understanding the value of the ‘email whitelist’ feature. I was under the impression that it would allow me to set view, edit and delete privileges for various users. But it seems to work exactly like the ‘public with email’ function. Can someone explain or point me to how ‘email with whitelist’ is difference from ‘public with email’ showing a use case.

Email Whitelist allows you to set a list of specific people you want to have access to your app. Public with email allows anybody to use your app.

For context, a ‘blacklist’ is a list of people who are not allowed to do something. A ‘whitelist’ is a list of people who are allowed. The Email Whitelist makes it so only users whose emails are in the list can log in.

I see. thankyou. And I take it that I can’t set view, edit, delete privileges per tab per user. I can only do so per tab and everyone with access to the app has the same set of privileges defined for that specific tab. Correct?

Sort of. Per User data allows you to show different data to different users, depending on their email address. This is covered in our documentation at What exactly are you trying to do?

Here is what I’m trying to do. I have an activity tab. I want to allow user 1 the ability to add, edit and delete data. But for user 2 I only want to give them view privileges. Right now with ‘email whitelist’ and ‘public with email’ I can allow both user 1 & 2 to access the app and both users will have the same privileges. I cannot distinguish what each one can or cannot do with the data. If I allow add, edit and delete rights to user 1, then user 2 also gets it. I am specifying these rights at the tab level, not the user level…which is a problem. Perhaps there is another work around this. is there?

Your best option for now is to make two apps with the same sheet, where one app allows editing and the other doesn’t.

You can’t do that within the same tab, but you could create another tab or menu option that would point to the sheet. That new tab or menu option could be used with per user data for the primary user with edit privileges. Then use a formula to duplicate your data into another sheet. You can use this second sheet in your main tab for view only. It’s not the best, but it’s possible with one app. The alternative is two apps, like David said. The look and functionality can be identical, but one has edit turned on and the other had edit turned off.