Email White list - Clarification

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Based on discussion in above I have a fair understanding of Whitelist.

  1. Whitelist as opposed to black list allows access to the APP after signing in.
  2. List all email id under the column-heading “domain” in a separate sheet “whitelist”


  • Can I use the same tab “whitelist” by extending columns - adding user attributes as well as rowid (not necessary, I guess) and use it normally as my USER database?

I am looking to go PRO.

Whitelist will only allow those specified user to sign in to the. Any email that is not in the whitelist sheet will not be permitted to sign in at all.

You can use any sheet you want that contains email addresses. Even a user profile sheet in combination with other columns. Sheet name and column name can be anything.

I’m not entirely sure, but Whitelist does not ask for a column. Only a sheet. So it’s assumed that any email anywhere in the sheet becomes part of the whitelist. Or at least any column that becomes recognized as an email column by Glide.

Thanks Jeff

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