Whitelist emails

Hi I am trying to whitelist emails, essentially though I have 2 emails for each user, 1 being their business email that is shown to be able to contact them, the other being their login (which could be gmail).

Is there a way to read them both from the one sheet (right now it only seems to read the 2nd email).

If I make a whitelist sheet and put them all in it works, but then is there a way when I create their profiles, both emails automatically go into the whitelist? But also then if I delete, or move the user to a no longer active tab (as some members are on pause) can their emails be taken out of the whitelist app without me having to individually remove them?

Also if I have user profiles turned on, so I want to use this data for various options, such as having a members card with expiry in my app, how do I get it not to create a new profile when one of the members logs in?

Hope that makes sense. Thank you.

You could do something like this. Where you use User2 to chose who is active and User1 as your official whitelist in Glide.

Just make sure all of your tabs have the visibility option to show if Active is True

I hope that helps.


Thanks! I will try it

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