What is the 100% way to catch up the User Signing-Email in a PRO App?

Hi Gliders!

I working on the PRO App https://5support.glideapp.io/,
I tried to catch up the User Signed-in email list, but it records it into an internal sheet in Google spreadsheet (App: Logins, similar as Public Chat internal sheet App: Comments).
This sheet is not accessible in the App unfortunately, so how can i see who is coming and how i could manage visibility and rights?

I tried to use filtering, but i see the possibility to catch up the User singing email just only in certain cases inside features and filtering((
How to fix it?

Have you enabled user profiles?

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What do you mean? I have “Users” sheet with a pre recorded rows of potential users.
But there are no filed “Signed in User”.(

And when i tried to filtering on a Home screen, it prompted for catch only columns from my “Home” sheet! not “Users” sheet(

What is the right way to establish it (the User Profile)?
Is it correct - when i establish it, this could be used as whitelist for sign-in? Or what?

If you want to use data of App: Logins, you can create a new sheet tab and import the data of App: Logins into this new sheet.

Great, Abhilashabhatia, thank you so much!
And maybe you add also what is the easy way to import from one sheet to another? Probably there would be some formula?

Read this. When user profiles are enabled, glide will automatically write the signed in user’s email to whichever sheet you choose. I believe you can keep this separate from a whitelist user sheet or use the same sheet if you choose as your user profile sheet. Any time an email is not in the list, glide will add it for you. If the email already exists, it will not add it again.


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Thanks a lot, Jeff!
I did it, and now i have setting User Profile.
i do not see their field when i am trying to set a filter even in a Home screen(
There are accessible only columns from Home sheet, not from User Profile.
Even i choose the Component from different tab\sheet (not Home tab\sheet) - there is still accessible for filtering only fields from Home tab\sheet((
What’s wrong?

Scroll all the way down the list of columns. Also, you can only do it in the ‘Enter Value’ portion of the filter.

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Thank you, we fix it by scrolling down - but only half (right part) of condition or a task we trying to solve. 2020-12-01_21-32-55 2020-12-01_21-34-17
Fields in scrolled list are columns from HOME tab, but there are no list of emails, because it is on another - USER tab.
I made a Lookup column with a list of appropriated Emails in HOME tab,
but IN A MIOMENT WHEN I CHOOSE IT in this list above, the User\Email from down list is go away((( See shots.
Why does it disappear?
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Looks like because there are different types of data in columns.

  1. “Emails allowed” is a calculating Lookup column with a list of emails (to check is there a signed user email or not).
  2. User profile Email is JUST ONE email.
    But why we can’t compare these two???
    We need there INCLUDES above in a list!!!
    This option is accessible for another columns, but disappear when i choose the right column with a list of emails((
    Another trouble(
    maybe it is the same issue?
    Am trying to set up a filter in a Home screen, and i need to use columns and data to show not from Home tab\sheet. But there are accessible here for setting a Filter only columns from Home tab(( I have there a few inline lists also from a different sheets, and there i can choose columns from another sheet (not Home).
    What is connection between screen i try to set up and a sheet?

you could just use an arrayformula into your sheet from the login sheet.

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Getting around to some old posts, so sorry for the delay in responding. I’m not quite sure what you are asking, but I think there may be a misunderstanding. The first drop down is all of the columns from the current sheet. The second drop down is all of the columns from the current sheet as well as the columns in the user profile sheet from the row of the currently signed in user. When referring to the user profile sheet in a filter, it always uses the row of the current signed in user. If you are trying to filter the email on that home sheet to match an email in your user profile sheet, there is no need to do that. In that case ‘is signed-in user’ knows the email of the current signed in user, so if the email in the sheet matches the email of the user that is signed in, then the filter will show that row. If the email in the home sheet row is different from the signed in user, then that row will not show. Your attempt to use a Lookup column is not accurate because that puts every user email on every row and your list will not filter anything out because every user email in the Lookup can also be a signed in user.

For your second issue, are you attempting to filter the entire tab, or set a filter on each individual inline list?

Maybe I’m not understanding what you are trying to do, but I think the functionality you need is already there.