App not recognizing a signed in user

I created an app for my students and it’s not recognizing people as signed in users even though the email address matches a player’s profile. The profile is linked to the user sheet and email is one of the data shown. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

What do you mean when you say it’s not recognizing them? Is it showing the wrong user’s data? Do you have any filters or Row Owners set up? I’m guessing in your case, you may need to filter something by signed in user.

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I made a video to show you what my problem is, hoping that will help.

Can you show me what the user profile sheet looks like in the glide data editor? Do you have a third row by chance? Are there any rows at the very bottom of the profile sheet in the Google sheet?

How do you have your filters set up for the screens? Is is filtering where the email is the signed in user? How about any visibility conditions on components?

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Yes there were rows at the very bottom of the profile sheet, thanks so much. That seemed to fix the problem.

Rows will be shoved to the bottom in the Google sheet if you use arrayformulas or have formulas on each row.
Glide looks for the first empty sheet row when adding rows. A row that looks empty, but still has a formula is not an empty row, so glide will not overwrite it. If you can move any of that formula logic into glide, then I would recommend doing that. If not, then I would recommend deleting all empty rows in the Google sheet.

Glide probably didn’t recognize your existing profile row and created a new one. It’s hard to say exactly what the issue was without seeing it, but I’m guessing when you signed into the app, it created a new row and started attaching to the wrong row and something didn’t match up, so it caused issues with your filters or any other logic you had set up. I don’t know how you have your screen filters or visibility conditions set up, so I don’t know if you’ll still have issues or not.


I had the same problem again and this email address keeps popping up on the glide user sheet even after I delete it. I’m not sure who’s email address it is.

. How do I permanently delete that email address?

Do you have any actions that would write to that specific cell?

That’s the anonymous email generated on a new row when you sign in. It’s trying to give you a user row, but when you delete it, it probably tries to create it again when you sign in. That’s your user row from you signing in.

Here some information on anonymous emails.