A new user not showing in users sheet

Suddenly, new users are not added in the users glide tab. My privacy setting is log in using public e-mail and hidden real e-mail address. After log in, the new user is not showing in the users glide tab. Interestingly, I can see my real e-mail address in Profile view after I log in the app as a new user. Before I just saw a random address. I have a testing e-mail account which I use to test signing in feature. It started when I deleted the testing user from glide users tab as I wanted to test signing in again and I have encountered this issue. Any ideas?
It almost seems that the users glide tab is disconnected from the log in screen. I have no idea what is going on here.
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Are you having the issue with all new users, or only the test account that already had a row in the user table,but was deleted?

If so, there is more to removing a user than just deleting the user’s row. You also have to delete the unseen user data that glide has to track the user. Glide may not be generating a user row again because it thinks the user already exists.

Try deleting user data using the method below and see if that takes care of your problem.


Hey Jeff,
thank you for advice. The problem does not occur with new users, just with users deleted from the users glide tab, so great point on more to deleting glide row. I will definitely try your suggestion.
I do appreciate it.

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I have tried it and you seem to be spot on with the solution. However, given the complexity of the app, some users data are probably still hanging in the sheets as I can not sign up with testing users that have previously used all complex features of the app before deleting them from the glide’s users tab. When I try with a test user, who did not use any feature of the app, just signed in, than your suggested deletion works fine and the tester can resign up again.
Thank you anyway.

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Thanks for the write up @Jeff_Hager. Very timely. I had a client face this exact same issue last night.

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Yes, in addition to the user profile sheet and Glide’s user data, you would still have to manually clean out any other sheets that contain data tied to a specific user.

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