Deleted Users Reappear

Each time I delete user accounts that we used as “test accounts” from the “user list” and spreadsheets and publish the changes they keep reappearing. This is problematic because there is one gmail user who appeared a couple of weeks ago on the user list who I never gave access to my app.

Is your app Public or Private?

It was public but I changed it back to private because a random gmail user that I didn’t provide the link to some how appeared on my user list. I have since changed it back to private and just around an hour ago public.

I have been reading and see that this is a common bug sadly. Any easy way to fix this? I’m trying to remove the test users from my user list so that I can prepare for beta testing.

Ok. Just wanted to eliminate the possibility that the app was public and the user was signing in again after the row was deleted.

I don’t have a solution to the row reappearing. Might have to submit a support ticket for that. Is the user table a glide table or something else like a google table? How are you deleting the row? Through the data editor, through the app, or through an external source?

It’s a Google sheet. And the rows have been deleted via data editor and the main Google Sheet.

OK. That may be a bug. I’ve seen similar reports in the past, but I’ve never run into it myself. If I recall, one solution may be to create a Glide table to act as your user table, and then migrate the data from the google sheet user table to the glide table. You will need to adjust your user profile configuration as well.

Others have mentioned reconnecting the data source which may or may not work, but I would save that as a last resort.

Other than that, like I said, you might have to create a ticket with Glide support.


I experienced this before , but i think better just set one column as maybe Active/Not Active .
Instead of deleting the row, you can just “hide” that.
It solved my problem.

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Thanks so much for your help. Unfortunately I don’t see a way to submit a ticket with the “starter plan,” only a bug report, which I did do last week.