New users don't apear in USER tab anymore

Hello! I’m curently developing an app for my real estate company, something to benefit both the vlients and the agents, so i made a private section that only certain email adress login can acces, worked perfectly untill last night and i can-t find the problem. It’s like this: untill yesterday, new users signed in using the email adress with a PIN, and after registration i would see them in the USER tab, based on that i could grant acces to the “secret” area, and now, they register, but i don’t see them there anymore, all the setting are the same, anyone have any ideea about the problem?
Thanks in advance.

LE: it works if i input the users adress manualy, but i don’t want that, i need it automated like before

How were you filling the user sheet? Glide’s user profiles, sheet formula, or script? If your are using Glide’s user profiles, have you seen this?