Nobody can enter text to ,,Text entry"

Hello again. I have a problem; I have a set-up user profile screen, but nobody can enter text to it. Can somebody help me please?

your columns are row owners? if yes, switch viewing as… also you might be using a column that was deleted… or filter is based on non existing column

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Hi @proste_ondraa,

Are you viewing the app as a user or not? From my experience, If you doesn’t have a row for that user to write the information for that user this happens! ( don’t a have a row to write the values for that user. Need to signup to the app! Each user should have a row! )

Thank you

ohh I see a problem now. There is not a row for that user, but when someone sign up it don’t create another row. I thought it was created automatically but it wasn’t. Don’t you know why?

did you assign the Users sheet?

yes I did

maybe this user already exists? it might be under anonymous email… you should have two sheets… users sheet and logins sheet

so far just I test this app and I know, what users there are, so it won’t be it :confused:

so when you sign in with a new email… the new login record is added to the logins sheet, but the new user is not added to the user’s sheet? and Are you sure that the user’s profiles are assigned to the user’s sheet?

yes, that’s true. Yes, I am sure

then you need to contact Glide support

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