Duplicated App no longer adding a user row when logging in!

I have duplicated an App that was based on a Google sheet. Before duplication I modified the sign-in so that the email was stored in a Glide Table and not the Google sheet.

It all worked fine on the original app. But for the duplicated App, when a user signs in the App fails to add a row to the Glide Users table. This prevents my app completing the sign in process, which asks for a name and a password. With no row to input the name and password, users see fields but cannot type into them.

The effect seems to happen to people that have signed in to the original app. Signing out of that app makes no difference. Could it be Glide is not adding a row to the right app?!

What is going on?! Quite urgent since I was hoping to use the App in a workshop tomorrow.

Closing as this has been reported.

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