Hide Elements When User Not Signed In

I’m having trouble hiding elements from none signed in users.
Trying to display a create profile on the “Home” tab if the isn’t signed in.
I can hide elements on the “Profile” tab but not the home tab. No option to only display for signed in user.

Any help much appreciated.

Stop me if I’m wrong, @Jeff_Hager, but I think you need to first create a column in your Home tab and call it something like “NoProfile” and set it to false. On your player Profile Tab, have an if then else column display “false” for everyone that doesn’t have ____ filled out (email especially)…otherwise “true”. Back in the Home tab, do a relation (multiple) between the NoProfile column and true/false Profile column. Also in the Home tab create a lookup column that references the email in the relation column. Now you can show/hide components based on whether or not users have created a profile to your liking by checking for the true/false AND isSignedInUser.

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This doesn’t seem to have worked.
I created a column in the google sheet on the home tab for “NoProfile” with a false set check box.
Then added an if then else to the profile tab in the data section of glide, to show false for everyone without an email address.
In the home tab in the glide data I added a relation multiple column between NOProfile column and the true false profile column.
Then created a lookup column in the home tab in glide that referenced the email in the relation column.

I’m not getting any of those columns on the home tab fill with data, and there’s no front end effect in the app when the visibility filters are applied - It doesn’t react to which email address I’m previewing as.

Ok. I was going to work on this today. I’ll reply when I’ve got something working and I’ll provide video instructions.

I guess I would take a similar but simpler approach. Create a profile column and fill it with the word ‘profile’ instead of true or false. Do the same in the profile sheet. Create a relation from the home tab link the two values and create a lookup column to get a list of emails. You can use that lookup to show it hide components if a profile record exists for that signed in user.

Works but seems to only work with the first profile and email in the first row rather that searching all of them.

Just created a video. I’ll post it below once it’s finished uploading to YouTube. Stay tuned!

As promised:

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Works but seems to only work with the first profile and email in the first row rather that searching all of them.

Would you be able to give a more detailed breakdown so I can make sure I’m doing everything correctly.

Thanks Robert, much appreciate your help. Although this is a little over complicated for my app. Trying to keep things quite simple.

For you, what constitutes “having a profile”?

Do you have any screenshots of what’s not working? It’s a should be a pretty simple process, but it would help if I could see what you have for your relations and lookups so far.

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@Robert_Petitto – spent a while with this video and can’t figure out how you created a relation between your players (customers in my case) and other pages in your app.

Would you mind sharing?

Not at all!

  1. In the user profile sheet, create an if then column (I name mine “hasProfile”) that will result in “true” when your desired user fields are not empty.
  2. In the other sheets create a template column (I name mine “profileTrue”), and give it the static value “true”.
  3. Then in these sheets, create a multiple relation (I call mine rel_hasProfile) to the hasProfile column in the profile sheet.
  4. Do a lookup to grab the users’ email addresses (I call it profileEmails).
  5. In your layout view, create visibility filters on components where “profileEmails is (or is not) signed in user”

Is signed in user? Show your app components
Is not signed in user? Show text/form buttons/etc to get your users to fill out their profile.

Thank you so much! I think #1 is where I got stuck. Your process worked for me.

Do you think this would work for phone numbers in place of emails? So instead of looking up an email, looking up if a column has a phone number.

Then hiding components if the phone number column is empty / showing components if the phone number column is filled.

No, I don’t think so. Until Glide comes out with user specific data, Glide can’t filter out users by phone number…only email

Hm , I understand. I’m looking to filter people out of content until they’ve submitted a phone number. I I thought I might be able to filter people by their email address to lookup if they’ve submitted a phone number, and then show/hide components. This seems to be the closet I can get!

Thanks so much for your help.

Quick follow-up question: If privacy settings are set to Public with Email, aren’t these already hidden?

Perhaps there is another way to login that I’m missing.

You’re correct. You can make one of the conditions of the hasProfile column that PhoneNumber is not empty…but the component has to rely on email is signed in user to filter.

Aren’t what already hidden? The Email addresses?