How to do to make some people can only see certain row of the sheet

My idea is I will use “email whitelist” for sign-in

And I will add a column “Category” in the google sheet which have the email list (email whitelist).

And my want is when a row of info with the same category (column) as the signed-in user, then will display.

For example: I have two users which I set their category as “Male”

If only when the row of info is target “Male” then the user can see.

How can I make this happen? Thank you!

Turn on User Profiles and point it to the sheet that contains the user profile information. Then set your filters to match the category set in the user profile, to the category in the data you want to filter.

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I was wondering the same. How do i turn on User Profiles?

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Thank you very much! I got it now.