Update products list only for certain users?

I’m building an App (public with email access) to allow locals to order food products from local Providers (incl. small farmers and retailers). It’s working fine on the Cients side, they can select, modify, follow, and cancel their orders.

The problem now is on the Providers side, I would like to offer each one the possibility to update their products list (ADD, EDIT (modify) and REMOVE) … instead using Google sheets ;-). I understaood it’s not possible to mask/filter a new Tab, isn’t it ?
So I decided to put an “UPDATE PRODUCTS LIST” Button (OK Button) in the ORDER Tab, but how to make it visible only to a group (2 or 3 people) of each Provider, and not to other Providers and Clients ?
Which features shall be used ? And how would the “Button” filtering work for several users ?

This is a key point of design, thanks for your advises.

Check out this thread:

You mean use “User Profiles” ? But is it really possible to use it in the FREE version ?
I use “Public with Email” access but no “Email Whitelist” because part of PRO version.


This process is described here: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/privacy-and-per-user-data/user-profiles

You can use it even with the free “public with email” access. You should create a new sheet for user profiles to make it working. After that you can just add additional column (for example “Access”) and put different access types there. image

After that you will be able to filter your elements as it is written in the instruction that I have attached.

If you have any questions - do not hesitate to ask!

Thanks Petr it works finally. In fact I had this Users List sheet already, what I forgot is to click “Sign In” on app’s Menu to assign this table as User Profiles ! Now I can acces to this table from everywhere to set Filters and Visibility of components.