Edit data from different tabs by a specific user (for example via the per user data view)

Hello everybody!

I have 3 sheets in my Google Sheet: Sellers, Products, Offers.
In the App, I have 2 tabs: one with the list of sellers and one the per-user data view.

I would like to allow each seller to update its products and offers. I used the seller sheet on the per user data tab view, which is nice because I can update the information displayed in the sellers sheet.

Then I used 2 inline lists to display:

  • The list of products related to the seller
  • The list of offers related to the seller

When I click on one product in the list of products, it displays the details of the product. I activated the edit mode there. (Path: Per user data tab > List of offers (Inline list) > Product A)

Unfortunately, it also activates the edit mode when this page is accessed from the global list of sellers. (Path: All Sellers tab > Seller 1 > Product A). This means that any user would also be able to add and edit the product details of any seller.

Do you know how I could allow the edition based on the seller email address for the products and offers and seller details (ideally on the same page)?

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

Take a look at the Currency Transfer/Purchase example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ to see if that gives you any ideas.

As far as allowing the poster to edit only their own records, I would create a copy of your products sheet using a formula. The copied sheet will be what’s visible to all users and will not be editable. The primary sheet will use per user data and be editable, so only the poster will see and be able to edit their own products. The primary sheet will become a tab that is accessible through the menu.

I think the Finstagram Advance template would be good to look at to see how the 2 sheet method works. https://go.glideapps.com/app/finstagram-advanced-template